A Prayer to Sib

To the Goddess of plenty I do call
Upon whose flaxen hair we sup and find sustenance
O fair Sib, Goddess of the fields and of those who toil and work them
Gracious Hostess, She who fills our cup brimming
Sates our thirst and fills our bellies
Frith-Mother, Frith-Weaver, Goddess of hospitality and of kinship and of wedlock
Let us know your blessings
And prosperity born from your bosom
Grant that we should have fertile soil from which to grow and to thrive
May we know abundance and bounty
And your favour in our endeavours
O Corn-Bearer, smile upon me and mine this day
And to Folde as well I do address
O goddess of earth
Out of whose womb all things proliferate
Splendid are You, fecund and bounteous
Let us know your generosity and kindnesses
Wholeheartedly I petition thee,
Erce! Erce! Erce!


*An article extrapolating Sundorwīc’s Sib is currently in the planning stages, so expect to see that some time in the coming months, frēondas.

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