About Sundorwīc

Hi and welcome to Sundorwīc – a polytheist hearth located in Ontario, Canada. Sundorwīc’s theology is based primarily on the pre-Christian religious practices of the so-called “Anglo-Saxons,” though it also borrows liberally from other polytheistic traditions and from the local ecology and regional landscape of Ontario to create something distinct and relevant to its practitioners. 

This regionalized take puts particular emphasis on Ontario’s many freshwater lakes and on the Gods/Goddesses that manifest in or at them. Sundorwīc also focuses on local, seasonal observances related to key points in the yearly cycle, as well as making regular offerings to their patron Gods and Ancestors. 

This blog will not only serve as a place to share the ever-evolving traditions of this hearth and home, but will also (hopefully) inspire others to cultivate their own hearth-practices and build their own traditions distinct to them and their particular locale.


Our Gods