The following is a list of tides celebrated by Sundorwīc Hearth. More tides will be added if and when they become a part of our hearth’s calendar.


On the eve of Gēola we observe Mōdraniht (Mother’s Night), during which we offer to our maternal ancestors (Idesa), the Hearth-Mother and female divinities as a whole.


Gēola, or Yule as it is known in Modern English, is a 12 night celebration which is observed from the eve of December 21st to January 1st. During this tide, which shares many elements with Christmas, we erect and decorate a tree, make garlands, exchange gifts and eat good food with family. We also make wassail and a portion is shared with the warden of the property. The ancestral dead are also petitioned during this holy tide.


During this tide we celebrate the death of Winter. Our corn dolly is ritually drowned to make way for the coming Spring and Ēastre Frumlēoht (First-Light) is given oblation to celebrate Her return. As with most of our tides, good food and family play an integral part in this celebration.


This tide is a particular favourite of Sundorwīc. During this time we celebrate flowers, vegetation and greenery and we begin work in our garden. Offerings of seeds and honey are made to Ēastre Blōstmbǣrende (Blossom-Bringer) and Bēomōder (Bee-Mother) during this time.


A celebration of the Summertime at its peak. During this tide Sōl, the Sun Maiden and Her consort(s) the Sunbǣras are given offering.


This is a celebration of the Autumn Equinox, the final harvest and the restless dead. During this period Ingui is petitioned to protect us from wayward spirits who might do us harm, as the veil between the veil between the living and the dead in particularly thin during this period. We also make our annual corn dolly during this tide.